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Julie, 30 y.old

After living part of my childhood in the United states, I pursued my studies in France in an International middle and high school.  I then chose Taiwan and Hong Kong for my superior studies and first professional experiences. 

After 6 years working in marketing and communication, I now aim to go back to my first humanitarian trips experienced in  Madagascar during my studies.

Last January 2018, I quit the marketing world to volunteer during 3 months as a fundraising officer for a local Cambodian association, helping to improve villages' educational conditions. My final goal will be to launch a new career closer to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) . This documentary will help me in this life transition. 

Rien arrive par hasard

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Vincent, 31 y.old

After a French master in International tourism and 2 years living in Canada and New Zealand, I decided to create my production company (photos and videos).

In 2013, I made my first documentary « Everyone its own Thaki in Bolivia ». During an expedition in high Bolivian mountains, local guides narrate their relation and respect to mountains, sacred places in the Bolivian culture.

In 2016, I sign my second documentary « On the road of the conquistadors, a human face of sports ». The Spanish Andrés Lledo crosses the Costa Rica from East to West by foot, aiming to meet secluded local villages to promote sports and its values. 

In parallel, I work on photos and videos reports for sporting events and private companies. 

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More than representing a "simple trip around the world", this project is for us a real life transition, expressing our desire to discover, learn, and share. 

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