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THE SUBJECT : Mutual transmission

The initial idea of the project :




Julie & Vincent met and lived with 5 families from completely different environments, in order to share the incredible daily lives of 5 children to the maximum people possible. 

To them, traveling goes beyond seing and discovering for yourself. While traveling, you can bring a lot to the people you encounter.




How are these encounters mutual ?

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Julie & Vincent

Julie et Vincent spent the year living with 5 local families living in rural areas. In addition to their company, usually unique for those isolated communities, they brought books and games, but have also taken the time to spend qualitative moments with the children.

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French schools

Thanks to the partnerships established with French schools, and via a private blog created by Vincent et Julie, French students could share their daily lives, ask questions, send drawings or letters. This blog was shared with the children of the world Julie and Vincent lived with.

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the 5 children of the world

Les 5 children protagonists of the documentary reveal their daily lives portrayed with simple pleasures, along with their families, often without electricity, water or even school. All of these precious moments have been captured in the documentary to share to all.

This is how we can all learn from one another. Vincent et Julie were the eyes and ears of children of the world during 1 year in 5 countries.

Why target children ?


= the future


Mentalities evolve through them


We want to cultivate the differences, prouve how rich they are and how we need to take them into consideration and accept them. When discovering the lives of these 5 children, we (re)discover the simple pleasures of life. While it is generally adults who teach children, this film talks about how we can learn from children.

Partnerships with French schools

During their trip, Julie & Vincent established partnerships with 20 French schools all around the country to allow children to follow our encounters, and discover the daily lives of children with far different ways of living than them. 

They also had the possibility to share their own life, posting pictures, videos, sending drawings, letters... a real mutual transmission !

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